29th July 2019

If you’re looking ahead to your retirement, the good news is that nowadays there are more choices open to you than ever before. However, recent research7 shows that many retirees may not be exploring these options and aren’t shopping around at retirement, selecting instead to take the annuity or drawdown facility offered to them by their existing provider.

How advice can help

A report from the Financial Conduct Authority8 highlighted that those who didn’t take financial advice often struggled to choose between retirement options, and many ended up making poor investment decisions, or put their money into cash funds that provide low returns and risk being eroded by inflation.

We can explain what the various choices available to you are, what they could mean for you, and help you make the right decisions for the future. We know that for many people this is a complex and bewildering area, so will explain everything in plain English and will be able to answer any queries you may have.

7Canada Life, March 2019 

8FCA Financial Lives Survey, 2018